Zone Laser Tag has a huge range of systems, built upon 31 years of experience, with gear suited for all markets, locations and budgets. With all of our equipment, we guarantee it’s reliability and quality. We know that having a reliable system, that you can depend on is key to successful operations.

Helios PRO

If you just want the
Best of the Best


Zone’s Helios PRO is more than outstanding design; it’s an evolution in concept, bristling with innovation after innovation never seen before in the laser tag industry—all Zone exclusive!

Laser games with Helios PRO are vibrant and exhilarating, a thrilling experience for all ages. No other laser tag company provides the quality, features and the excitement that Helios Pro brings to laser tag gaming.

Helios PRO is not just a laser tag system; it’s an all-encompassing laser game operational platform.


If you want your system to grow with you



Zone’s Helios2 is a high-end, competitively priced laser tag system with all the hallmarks of Zone: accuracy, comfort, reliability and ease of use. We have consistently raised the bar of innovation and exploration, pushing the industry to keep up.

Helios2 is a system that grows with the needs of your business. No longer do you pay for the extras you don’t need and won’t use. Add features, games, and peripherals whenever you want, guaranteeing your customers keep coming back! A brand new fully-flexible design and purchase model to the industry, with the first truly plug-and-play software and hardware ‘scalable’ system.

Phasor Strike

Affordable Simplicity, Laser Tag, on a budget 


A high-end laser game systems that demands quality alongside affordability. Phasor Strike delivers a high-end gameplay experience that only Zone Laser Tag can provide.

With Phasor Strike, Zone has put our 30 years of experience into producing a genuinely affordable system, without sacrificing quality or experience! Phasor Strike is a fully scalable system, allowing you to invest earlier and start your laser tag business sooner. As your business grows, Phasor Strike can be expanded, with more features, more vests, more hardware, and more games.

Begeara 2

Laser Tag, in a box


Begeara is the most compact and versatile indoor laser game system on the market today. The Begeara system is fully portable, easy to set up, light weight, and highly flexible. With no Vests, just Phasers.  It’s a system that has proved itself to be ideal for mobile operations and soft play centres.Designed with younger children in mind, everything is intuitive, safe, and easy to understand. Bright LED lights indicate red, green or blue and the phaser screen shows rank and score throughout the laser game