GP sweep the competition. After a day of ups and downs, the day belonged to the Finns, GP.

Ascensions threw in some surprises. Majestic 5 (Sweden) rose from 10th place to finish 4th, playing an astounding 3 hours of laser tag in a row. Australia 2 dropped from 3rd to 6th, and the Americans, Identity Crisis, took a disappointing 8th spot.

The best three teams went into the final three games: GP (FIN), Cobras (NZ) and Legacy (FIN). The three games were live streamed with hundreds watching around the world. The Cobras and Legacy put in a valiant effort, but it wasn’t enough to see them over the line. We have a new world champion: GP.

Final Standings:

  1. GP (Finland)
  2. Cobras (New Zealand)
  3. Legacy (Finland)

Zone Laser Tag World Champions

  1. Majestic 5 (Sweden)
  2. SFP (Finland)
  3. Australia 2 (Australia)
  4. Honey Badgers (New Zealand)
  5. Identity Crisis (USA)
  6. Stockholm (Sweden)
  7. Belfort’s Lions (France)
  8. Spectateam (France)
  9. Dabeuh (France)
  10. French Touch (France)



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Jamie Holmes

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