The Zone Laser Tag World Championships officially begins tomorrow at Neocenter Belfort, France (19-08-2017 9am UTC+1). Teams from across the globe have been training for years for a chance at the ultimate laser tag glory!

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The New Zealand Cobras interviewed in a French newspaper


For the first time, the world’s laser tag game is being streamed live with host commentator Dot (USA) and a rotating panel of players.  (starting 9am UTC +1)

Official website:

Snapchat: zoneworlds

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See how laser tag is played on the world stage. See what can be done with our equipment. See the community of players, operators, distributors and manufacturer come together to make this the largest and most exciting world competition. Zone Laser Tag (PnC) proudly supports the Zone Laser Tag World Championships and (not very) secretly hopes that the Australian team gets over the line.


Jamie Holmes

Marketing Manager – Zone Laser Tag