The laser tag game is so much more than tag and deactivate. This is especially true when you have a dedicated competitive player-base. They notice every little detail, every timing, every light pattern and use it to their advantage.

Here at Zone we pride ourselves on providing the best game experience out there, which is why we have the largest competitive scene, the longest running competition, and the only true world’s competition.

This week we’ve updated some key game experience parameters on Helios Pro to increase the fun, fairness and competitive play-ability.

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Here are some quotes from the patch notes:

Helios Lockout is a new method that has been made especially for this new generation of Pack technology, and this is the way it works: when pulling the trigger while deactivated, it will function as a regular shot – just without the result. This will mean that practically, if you fire half a second before being reactivated, you will have to wait half a second after reactivation (1 shot per second) before you may fire again. Unlike Nexus, this will scale with shot rate, so a 2 shot per second game will function differently than a 1 shot per second game.


“Tagged by Ally” and “Tagged Ally” now produce different Screens, sounds, and light patterns. This will give you a clear indication for when you’re gaining points, or not. This will also reset the GSF counter, detailed below.


An old favourite from Infusion is being brought back – Good Shot Feedback (GSF)! When Hit Recognition is enabled, you will ding when you tag a player. We’ve enhanced that by changing the sounds when you reach a certain level – 3 tags results in a “Well Done” sound, 5 results in a “Skilled” sound, 9 results in an “Excellent” sound, 11 results in an “Impressive” sound, 13 results in an “Awesome” sound, and finally – 15 tags will result in your pack saying “Zone God”.

Do you want to be left behind on an inferior product as this exciting sport grows into the mainstream, or do you want to use the product that players love? Contact us to find out how to join the growing world of competitive laser tag.