Make the arena, the experience.

Players want to be emeresed in the game, and have a memorable experience. By use of Zone’s interactive arena features, you bring the game alive, with the Arena itself joining the game.

Interactive Video Outpost

Zone’s Video Outpost makes a great focus point for the arena, with high definition graphics, videos and dynamic reactive audio, your customers will love the video base. With 3 Tag points, the ability to double as an energizer and custom videos for game formats, helpful hints and more, the video base is truly a living arena device

Zone Base Options

Bases mean more than just blinking targets for team games, they mean profits and exciting options for your corporate and group events. Team games can account for almost two thirds of your laser tag game sales. Bases can offer a strategic element of defense and extra points for players to score with. The bases are fully programmable with our HELIOS Software to add a number of options and game formats.

Zone Outpost

Of all our arena devices, the Outpost is the most versatile, the most connected, and the most game-play supported. That’s why many arenas will have 6 or more! It can double as an energizer, and other cool extra options

Zone Garrison

Zone Garrisons, are easy to install, have loud clear speakers and great hit fields, perfect for when you just need a team base to attack and defend.

Zone Targets

Arena Targets are small, multi-coloured, super bright LED devices integrated into the laser game operating system. Targets don’t just provide one extra game; they are a multi-functional game enhancement that can be applied to nearly all Helios games in multiple different ways.Our targets are incredibly cost effective, enabling you to deploy 60 or more targets for the a fraction of the cost of most entertainment centre features.

Integration and customisability allows for almost endless laser game formats: use them in standard games for points or special powers; hype up limited games by setting the targets to award power or health; or enhance strategic games with base shields. Zone’s technology turns your existing laser tag arena into a new and immersive laser game experience. Zone Arena Targets are easily the most valuable addition to a competitive location.

Hal Button

One button, the game starts, the music starts, lighting starts - everything starts. It's that fast, that simple, not only that, but you can stop the clock and pause your game via the button as well, arena control has never been so easy.

Call Button

Mazes are big, and by there very definition a maze. In the case of an emergency, it can be hard to locate a staff member, or alert others that you need assistance. The call buttons can be set up anywhere in the arena, and send an alert to the operations team that something is amiss, so they can easily locate you and assist!


Mines emit a pulse that deactivates all players in a close proximity, at random intervals, but not before announcing to the world by increasingly frequent beeps and flashes that it's about to wipe them out! For more advanced members games, the mine may can be set by tagging it, and when it explodes, the last player to tag the mine will receive the credit for ALL of the players tagged by the mine


Many of our advanced games, limits players health or shots. Energizers, recharge those, to a pre configured amount depending on the game format, and just for the team it's color matches.
These add another level of competitive play, and are essential for our competition play.

Game Station

The Gamestations are interactive, wall-mounted, touch screen devices incorporated into the game architecture. The backlit CNC milled Perspex is bright and beautiful, and creates player hotspots.

Gamestations instantly recognise and respond to any player in the vicinity. They bring standard laser games alive with fun and excitement, and add custom options and formats.

    • Power-ups – Players swipe for Stealth, Invulnerability, Rapid Fire, Team Destroyer etc.
    • Secret Agent – Players change their colour for a short period of time
    • Assassins – Players take missions to tag specific players for bonus points and much more
    • Birthday – Only the birthday player can access to get heaps of special powers
    • Scoreboard – In-game scoreboard
    • Quiz Zone – players answer customisable questions for points and powers

Pick-up Pad

The Pick-up Pad is an illuminated power pick-up platform with a beacon light from above. The Pickup Pads are completely customisable and can be always active, set to randomly turn on throughout the game or cycle from one Pad to another Pickup. They can also be set to Solo or only allow specific team colours.

They come with special games for them, as well as function as energizers depending on the parameters chosen it is possible to create a variety of different ways to operate the Pickup Pads, changing the dynamics of how a game might be played, removing player familiarity, and adding an element of randomness to the lasertag experience.

The Pick-up Path activates when a player steps onto the device. That player then gets to choose or purchase (using in-game currency) from a list of special powers and gear. Those powers are added to a “backpack” which the player can access and use throughout the game.

Zone Laser Tag Accessories

Zone Gate

The Zone Gate is a multi-functional arena doorway that can be captured and turned against opponents.

It’s lit with multicolour super-bright LED strips and incorporates speakers for that immersive interactivity that players crave. Integrating our popular target technology, the Zone Gate can be tagged by players and adds something special to the Zone game architecture.

  • Capture mode – Players can tag the Gate to capture it and turn it to their team colour. They can pass through, but other teams will be tagged.
  • Random mode – The gate changes colour randomly, allowing only those of the colour being displayed to pass through without being tagged.
  • Reload Bay – The gate functions as either a random or team-specific reload bay. Players pass through to reload their power or lives.

Vest Racks

Zone Vest Racks have been the industry standard for years. With DMX or remote-controlled lighting, our Vest Racks are designed to WOW the players as they enter the kit up room. They’re simple to install and, with our vests, really make the room come alive. 

Unlike some of the other product on the market, Zone Vest Racks are structurally designed with polycarbonate plastics for extra strength—trusted for nearly a decade in hundreds of sites around the world.

  • Control the colours with a touch of a button on the MOC application
  • Simple yet beautiful charging solution
  • Easy installation
  • Structurally designed to prevent breakage
Laser Tag Accessories - Vest Rack

Zone Centre Enhancements

Helix Shooting Gallery

Zone’s immense laser tag experience is brought to the small attractions market with the Helix shooting gallery. Filling a Family Entertainment Centre niche, the Helix shooting gallery is a themed attraction, larger than an arcade machine, but fitting neatly into those hard-to-fill spaces in typical FECs. Fill unused space with a money generating attraction.

Each pod comes complete with the Helix game system, two phasers, and a coin mechanism (or touch-card system). Utilising Zone’s popular target technology, players tag targets in a themed environment, score points and compete against each other. There are six exciting team and solo game modes, including Classic, Virus, Sharpshooter, and Territory.

  • super-bright LED pods and phasers
  • attraction mode
  • HD touch screen controls and scores
  • six amazing game formats
  • video instructions
  • low price

Membership Kiosks

The new Zone Membership kiosk reflects Zone’s overall philosophy: user simplicity and operator control. The user taps on and enters their details in a few easy steps — a new member created as easy as that. 

But the operator back-end is where the operator controls the level of details that are required, from as little as an email and alias to complete information. This level of control lets you, the operator, control the whole sign-up process.

Then your member is ready to go, and you have there information for later re-marketing, not only that if a member from any other location comes, just one tap, and they are in your system, thanks to our Global Membership system

Zone Laser Tag Member Kiosk