Helios PRO is more than outstanding design, it’s an evolution in concept, bristling with innovation after innovation never seen before in the laser tag industry—all Zone exclusive! 

Laser games with Helios PRO are vibrant, exhilarating and a thrilling experience for all ages. No other laser tag company provides the quality, features and excitement that Helios Pro brings to laser tag gaming.

Helios PRO is not just a laser tag system; it’s an all-encompassing laser game operational platform designed by today’s leading laser tag company. 

Helios PRO is perfect for the buyer that needs only the best.

Just some of Helios PRO's amazing features:

Controlled from the O-Zone control system, Helios PRO comes with a full suite of more than 30 Zone games. It has an amazing feature set including birthday mode and the ability to create new games

O-Zone allows you to run your site remotely from any Wi-Fi device. Change system options, See the status of vests and batteries, enable and disable bonus features such as power-ups,  Controlling laser tag has never been so easy.

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